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ATTR 4320: Athletic Training Trends & Issues

This course guide will help you complete your Cultural Competency Presentation by suggesting print and electronic resources

ATTR 4320 Cultural Competency Presentation Prompt

Based on our in-class activity, you have developed a patient/athlete that you will be responsible for providing cultural background information to present to the class. You will be responsible for completing a 20-minute maximum (15-minute minimum) presentation. In the presentation you must provide basic substantiated information to address the uniqueness of your patient/athlete. Your presentation will be recorded for you to complete a self-assessment of the presentation and complete a self-review rubric.

Purpose of the Presentation: to provide insight and appreciation for individuals culture and belief systems that may/may not be like the person providing athletic training health care.

Elements for Grading

Value of the Content to provide a quality over view of your patient with special consideration as to the influence that the following would have on the type of care you would provide:

  • Ethnicity
    • General information on world region/country of origin
    • Common health issues associated with the ethnicity
  • Patient Language needs
  • Patient Gender
  • Patient Age
  • Patient or Patient’s Parents Education Level and Literacy
  • Patient or Family Income; number of family members
  • Patient Religious Preference
  • Patient or Family Health Care Model of choice
  • Patient Insurance
  • Current Athletic Training Practice Setting
  • Health Care Concern (you do not need to go into extensive detail, but use this as a platform for your care plan)

Each of these could be full studies, in and of themselves, so you are not expected to have extreme depth, but the information provided needs to be beyond the stereotypical or uneducated understanding.

Presentation Quality

Presentation Quality Criteria and Grade Points
Development of Unique Patient and covering the components addressed above60 points
Professionalism (dress, Presentation form, verbal command, and handout)20 points
References provided in APA format (Minimum 7)20 points
Preparedness grade will be decreased for non or unacceptable preparationas assigned
Total Presentation100 points

Self-Critique of Class Video

Self-Review25 points

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