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SES 4302: Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition

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Journal Impact Factors

How to Use Journal Citation Reports

To check the journal impact factor of an article you found, start by finding the journal of the article you found on Journal Citation Reports by:

  1. Navigating to the Journal Citation Reports link above
  2. Start typing the journal's name into the Go to Journal Profile search box and select the journal
  3. Verify the ISSN between your article and the Journal's profile

The graph under the section Key Indicators provides historical infomation, such as:


To see where a Journal ranks along side other journals of the same subject field, complete the following:

  1. Select Rank from the left-side navigation
  2. Scroll sideways through the graph to find the subject that you wish to compare your journal

The graphs gives you three ways to compare your journal within a particular subject.

Numerical rank out of the journals within that field. The first number indicates the Journal's rank compared to the second number, the total number of journals in that subject.
Which 25 percent your journal resides
JIF Percentile
The journals location as indicate by percentile. The higher the number, the better.

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