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SOCW 3380: Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Video Citation in APA

The rule for video citation is 7.07, and is found on page 209 of the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition, paperback).

Producer, A. A. (Producer), & Director, B. B. (Director). (Year). Title of motion picture: Sentence style capitalization [Video format]. Country of Origin: Studio.

For other types of video, the responsible party might be a company of an individual.

Types of video format include motion picture, DVD, VHS, Television series episode, video file, etc.

Here's a sample from the Films on Demand database:

National Geographic. (2006). World's most dangerous drug. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Note: these do not demonstrate the hanging indent and double spacing that would be required on a References page.

Video sources

Films on Demand contains thousands of videos from producers such as BBC, National Geographic, PBS, and other highly respected producers. Options to find videos include:

  • perform a keyword search, or

  • select Collections, general topics, and subtopics to see a list of titles, or

  • select Featured producers, and click the appropriate icon to see all of the content from that producer

There is a link for the entire video, as well as links to each segment of a video. These can be used in your citation. contains videos related specifically to the counseling process. They may be interviews with theorists or practitioners, or video of counseling sessions. Options to find videos include:

  • perform a keyword search, or

  • browse videos by approach, by therapeutic issues, by expert, or by population.

The linking url from this database does NOT contain the information for off-campus access. You will need to add the string to the front of the string provided by the database.

The library also has a small collection of DVDs. You can find them by searching the catalog, adding the word videorecording to your keyword(s).

Finally, you may search our Discover search:

  • enter your term, plus the word videorecording,

  • open the source types menu,

  • limit to videos. You may need to select see more to find videos.