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HIST 3301 Dr. Pearson : Historical Methods

American Indian Movement

Important: The Archives Unbound platform uses Adobe Flash to display documents, and Adobe Flash is not enabled by default with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple's Safari, or Microsoft's new Edge browser. 

On computers in WT's labs or libraries, Use Microsoft's legacy browser Internet Explorer (IE). (Not the difference between IE and Edge.)

On your own Windows computer, if you don't see IE, try searching for Explorer, and you may find that browser. Alternately, you likely should be able, on your own computer (Windows or Mac), to enable Flash for Chrome or Firefox.

Finally, you can also find, view, and download all the documents in these collections through the Gale Primary Sources platform, which searches Archives Unbound along with, optionally, Eighteenth Century Collections Online. It doesn't allow convenient limitation to a specific Archives Unbound collection, though, so you may want to include the phrase "American Indian Movement" in your search.

Core Resources


Definitely search both:

  1. Our library catalog, for books we have here
  2. WorldCat, for books other libraries have and will send here for you via Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Definitely read the detailed tips on the Find Books page of this guide to most effectively use the catalog, WorldCat, and ILL.


Definitely search both:

  1. America: History & Life or Historical Abstracts (depending on whether your topic deals with the USA/Canada or not) for discovering articles from the greatest number of history journals and for more search tools, including the Historical Period limiter.
  2. JSTOR, for finding articles from those journals for which we have full text available through the JSTOR database.

Primary Sources

Definitely do each of these:

  1. Look for the primary sources used and cited by your secondary sources. Mine the bibliographies of relevant books, articles, and dissertations.
  2. Look thoroughly in any possibly relevant digital, microform, or print collections described on the full Primary Sources guide.
  3. Search in our catalog and in WorldCat using subject terms and keywords described on the Catalog Searching page of the Primary Sources guide

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