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Theatre Auditions

Catalog searching for comedic scripts

If you use this custom link, you should go directly to a selection of hundreds of scripts in our collection that include somewhere on their catalog record some mention of words indicating comedy.

A peculiar and helpful thing about the WT library specifically is that acting edition scripts in this library in particular are shelved in the PZ3.5 range, so if you choose to search in the Call Number field of our Advanced Search, you can enter PZ3.5* [the * is important] to see a list of most of the scripts that we have.

While there isn't currently a consistent label for "Comedy Play" on the catalog record of most of the comedies we have, you will find that many of them mention in the notes or description or title a word such as "comedy," "comedic," "comic," "farce," or some other synonym. Therefore, searching on a second line of the Advanced Search for
comedy OR farce OR hilarious OR funniest OR witty OR [whatever other good synonyms you can think of]
will help focus your search on comedies. (Capitalizing the OR here is important.)

The link above has already applied each of those criteria for you.

To limit the results you see to only those items that are available on the shelves and exclude those that have already been checked out, you should click on the limiter on the right that says, "Available in the Library."

You can sort your results by Relevance, Date, Author, or Title, and as you see titles that may interest you, you can click on the pin icon by the title to add them to a list of favorites, which you can then access from the pin icon in the upper right. Email yourself the list of favorites to see the description of each play without requiring additional clicks in between.

After you pin titles to your favorites list, sign in to your account with the link in the upper right corner to easily return to that list later.

Genre searching on publisher sites

Samuel French and Dramatists Play Service each have search functions that allow filtering on genre and searching for comedies specifically. Unfortunately, neither allows filtering on or sorting by date, and Dramatists lists only 11 per page with no option to change that number or to change the sort order. Nonetheless, these may be useful in focusing on comedies specifically.

These aren't linked here for you to then buy the scripts from them; we have many of these in our library holdings, may acquire others, and can get many others for you through interlibrary loan. This is simply a way to filter by genre.

Search titles from Samuel French.

Search titles from Dramatists.

When you knows what specific play you want, you can see whether we have it available and where with the catalog search below (also searchable from the WT library home page through the Books+ tab).

Play Index

EBSCO's Play Index doesn't include every play it necessarily should, but for many plays, it indicates and allows searching by genre, as well as cast numbers. Though its coverage isn't complete, it is worth searching in to discover plays in a given genre. Records in it link through to the catalog records for those plays we have in our collection.