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EDLD 6326: Action Research

This course focuses on how to use theoretical foundations, philosophy, and principals of action research to investigate and find effective solutions to problems of practice.


Welcome to the Cornette Library and to the beginning of your research and discovery into Action Research!  I encourage you to use this course guide to explore the many services and resources that Cornette Library has to assist you in your research.  These resources are a small part of the library's overall collections.  Further electronic resources may be accessed through the library's homepage.

If you live in the area and/or are visiting campus, drop by sometime, say hi, and see what print resources are also available to you as a student.

Have a great semester!


Shawna Kennedy-Witthar
Director of Information and Library Resources
Cornette Library
​West Texas A&M University


The purpose of this guide is to help you locate the resources you need to complete the scholarly delivery component of this class. 

Scholarly delivery in a research paper format is not as long as a dissertation.  It is,

focused on a narrow topic, contains extensive references, and has an empirical component that involves research design. That empirical study may be qualitative, quantitative, or a mixed methods design.

Length is a difference between the two as is intent. The intent of a dissertation (almost always in the social sciences) is to provide new knowledge to the field, generally in the form of strengthening or overturning theory. The intent of scholarly delivery (in the social sciences) is to apply theory and knowledge to a real life problem with the intent of reducing the complexity or solving the problem. 

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