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CRIJ 1307: Crime in America

Research for the class serial killer assignment, and APA overview

Required: APA Citation Style

Many criminal justice professors require that you use APA style for your citations. There is a copy of the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association at the Research & Access Desk.

What does style mean?

Any citation style has requirements for 3 broad tasks:

1. Physical layout of document - margins, font, headers, section outlines, etc.

2. Correctly including citations to information from other sources in the document text. Often referred to as "in-text citation".

3. Format of the references for your research. APA calls this References


The Sample APA Paper (6th edition) from OWL at Purdue does an excellent job of demonstrating all of the above requirements.

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Format Requirements

Paper format:

  • 1 inch margins
  • Times New Roman, size 12 font
  • Paragraphs have first line indented, double spaced, no extra space between paragraphs

Separate title page.

  • Header has Running head: SHORT VERSION OF TITLE flush left,
  • and page number flush right
  • Full Title centered in the middle of the page (Headline style capitalization, where all words are capitalized except of, and, the in the middle).
  • Author name below the title, also centered.
  • University below the author name, still centered.

First page of text (p. 2) has

  • A header with SHORT VERSION OF TITLE flush left and page number flush right.
  • Title centered at top of paper.
  • First paragraph of text immediately below the title.

References page

  • Continues the headr format as established on page 2.
  • Always starts on a new page.
  • Sources are arranged alphabetically by the name of the first author listed on an article, book, or website
  • Each citation is double-spaced, hanging indent, no extra line between citations.

In-text citations

Must be used each time you use information from one of your sources.

Every entry on the References list must be used within your paper.

Basic format if placing all the information at the end of the sentence is (Author(s), date). This is called a parentehetical reference.

If you are using a direct quote, and adding your reference at the end of the sentence, the basic format becomes (Authos(s), date, p. #)

If an idea is from several sources, they are all listed in the same parenthetical reference.

References list

Basic format is:

Who. (When). What. Where.

For an article -

who is author(s), when is publication date. Journals: year, newspapers: year, month, day. What is title of article. Where is title of journal, volume, issue, page numbers, doi.

Culhane, S. J., Hilstad, S. M., Freng, A.,& Gray, M. J. (2011). Self-reported psychopathology in a convicted serial killer. Journal of Investigative Psychology & Offender Profiling, 8(1), 1-21. doi: 10.1002/jip.129

For a book - who is author(s), when is publication date. What is the title of the book. Where is City, ST: Publisher.

Newton, M. (2000). The encyclopedia of serial killers. New York, NY : Facts on File.

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