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CRIJ 1307: Crime in America

Research for the class serial killer assignment, and APA overview

Databases & Scholarly Articles

Library Databases may contain:

  • scholarly articles
  • newspapers or magazines
  • images or historical documents
  • full-text books

Finding articles electronically

For this assignment,

  • Use the following search box.
  • Search for phrases related to your topic.
  • After searching, limit results list to full-text, scholarly articles published since 2010.

Search Discover Databases,Books, or Reserves

The full-text limiter may NOT a good idea if you are researching for a paper or project.

DOUBLE-CHECK automatic citations: you need to know:

  • basic sequence of identifying information
  • how to format author names
  • when to capitalize and when to use italics
  • how to identify location and publisher.

The databases America's News from Newsbank and LexisNexis Academic are good sources for newspaper articles, and transcripts from television shows.

Citing Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are the heart of much literature research in criminal justice. The basic pattern in APA Style for citing these articles is:

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., Author, C. C, & Author, D. D. (2012). Title of the article: Subtitle if included on original. Title of Journal, xx, ###-###. doi:xx.xxxxxxx

If a doi is not included, provide the name of the database, or the journal url. Examples of these 2 situations are:

Bloss, W. P. (2009). Transforming US police surveillance in a new privacy paradigm. Police Practice & Research, 10(3), 225-238. doi:10.1080/15614260802381083

Kelley-Baker, T., Johnson, M. B., Romano, E., Mumford, E. A., & Miller, B. A. (2011). Preventing victimization among young women: The Safenights intervention. American Journal Of Health Studies, 26(4), 185-195. . Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database.

NOTE: in a document, references are double-spaced, with a hanging indent.