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CRIJ 1307: Crime in America

Research for the class serial killer assignment, and APA overview

Writing Assignments

Research papers on:

  • specific serial killer
  • marijuana legalization
  • gangs

Serial killer assignment.

Newspaper articles are a good source for news while killings are occurring, and the arrest and trial phases of the crime.

  1. New York Times, The (1851-2011) will have coverage on most nationally known killers.
  2. America's News from Newsbank has local and state newspapers, mainly from the mid-1990s to the present
  3. InfoTrac Newsstand is also local and state newspapers

Marijuana legalization

Start with the library's Articles, Books, and more search.

The same newspaper databases as listed above will be helpful.

Possible arguments include ethical, medical, and crime ratios. Articles about what has happened in Colorado and Oregon might be useful.

Librarian Tips

  • Reference sources are an excellent starting point and will provide general information about serial killers, and brief profiles of the most notorious individuals.
  • Scholarly articles are useful for information about understanding serial killers: their psychology, background, motivations, etc.
  • Newpaper articles are useful for contemporaneous reports of criminals: their crimes, capture, trial, etc.
  • Government websites are a terrific source for statistics on the criminal justice system.
  • General websites can be useful, but should be evaluated carefully before use.