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SOCW 4395: Current Issues in Social Work

This course focuses on skills and knowledge geared toward improving the student's academic writing.

Research Assistance

If you are having trouble finding the kinds of scholarly sources that you need, please get in touch with a librarian.

You can contact  the embedded librarian for this class, Kelly M. Hoppe, at or at (806) 651-2212.

If she's not available, the Research & Access Desk at (806) 651-2215 is always staffed when the library is open.

Literature Review Assignment from Syllabus

Literature Review

The main assignment for the course will be a literature review. Students will write a 5 – 7 page literature review, using 8 sources, on a topic of their choice. 

Cover page and reference list are absolutely required and do NOT count in the minimum number of pages.

The paper will be the main focus of classroom discussions and activities. The paper will be created in stages, as outlined below, with each stage being worth points.

  • Outline (Detailed): The outline will incorporate sources about a topic chosen by each student using headings and bullet points to elaborate on the foundation of your paper. 
  • References List: The list must include 8 academic sources following APA writing style guidelines.
  • Draft: A fairly complete draft of your paper
  • SmartThinking: You will submit your draft to SmartThinking for feedback on your writing.
  • TurnItIn: You will submit your final paper to TurnItIn to help you recognize and prevent plagiarism. TurnItIn also has grammar feedback. You will revise your paper after this submission based on the feedback.
  • Final Paper: A finished, polished product that will show improvement between the draft and the final paper.