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SOCI 1306: Social Problems

Focus/Refine Selected Topic

Once you have a broad topic selected, and have done an initial search in a database, here are some further steps to focus your topic to a specific one which  may be addressed in a coherent, organized, informative fashion.

  • Add initial limiters such as date and geography
  • Use the subject labels to focus results
  • Look for specific instances, such as places, dates, or companies

Further refine search with the specific instance you have chosen.

Finding Sources

Scholarly journals:

  • Use the search box on the home page
  • Use the database suggested under the appropriate search box
  • Look at appropriate topic and date limiters

Newspaper articles may be easily located in the following specific databases:

America's News from Newsbank
Newspapers from around the U.S. Includes Texas newspapers such as Dallas Morning News
InfoTrac Newsstand
Newspapers from around the globe. Includes the New York Times