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SOCW 6331: Introduction to Direct Practice

Introduction to the DSM, and finding reliable information on mental disorders, their causes, diagnoses and treatments.

Research Assistance

If you are having trouble finding the kinds of scholarly sources that you need, please get in touch with a librarian.

You can contact  the liaison librarian for Social Work, Mary Rausch, at or at (806) 651-2219.

If she's not available, the Research & Access Desk at (806) 651-2215 is always staffed when the library is open.

Paper on Mental Disorder

Paper on Mental Disorder (100 points) Presentation (50 points)
Evaluating Practice Behavior AS PB 18; AS PB 35

Using the DSM IV TR (Fifth edition), each student will be expected to write a paper, on a mental disorder assigned to them by the professor. This will include a case vignette, with a multi-axial diagnosis. The paper is expected to be 6-8 pages in length and in APA (6th edition) format. This is an individual effort. There will be a Turn It In drop box in WT class for submission. These mental disorder descriptions will be compiled in an electronic folder as a reference for members of the class in your future professional use. The following areas should be covered in the paper:

  1. A case vignette, including multi-axial diagnosis, based upon a description of the assigned disorder.
  2. Information about bio-chemical or organic causes of the disorder, including genetic predispositions. Effectiveness and contraindications for psychopharmacological treatment.
  3. Information regarding psychological or developmental issues related to the origins of the disorder. Discuss two current and different theorists and his/her perspectives on the disorder.
  4. Discuss social and environmental factors and influences that may impact the development and diagnosis of the disorder. These might include reports of rates of incidence related to race, gender or culture.
  5. Discuss recommended evidence based treatment plans for the disorder, citing appropriate evidence. Discuss how interventions relate specifically for the treatment of the disorder.
  6. Discuss community agencies in the Texas panhandle which offer services for this disorder.
  7. References: A minimum of five, with at least three of these being from sources other than the internet (May not include Wikipedia).
  8. For the presentation, you should provide your peers with a one page “cheat sheet” about the diagnosis you are presenting.